School Days: 5 amazing things since becoming a kindergartener pt2

Today the hubs and I went to Little Man’s second Parent Teacher Conference. We can’t say how amazing this year has been to see Little Man grow. He’s learned so much already Everyday I am impressed with his abilities and growth.

I’ts only been 2 almost 3 months since the last time I updated on his school days growth!

Here are 5 Amazing things since becoming a kindergartener!

1-HE CAN READ! Yes I don’t think I can be any more emotional while he reads stories to me. I tear up every time. I see him put to work everything his teacher has taught him when we read or should i say when he reads to me. Today his teacher shared that she encourages looking at the work sounding out and pointing to follow along. These are all the things i’ve witnessed him do. I couldnt be more proud!

2-He is a chatter box! Little Man has never been a chatter box. While I know this shouldn’t be something celebrated I’ts needed. Little Man has always been shy and hardly knew how to make friends. Last we learned he was more social but today we learned that although he’s been a chatter box and has friends he knows when enough is enough and he removes himself from situations with other chatter boxes lol I am so happy he knows when to step away but can still feel free to socialize!

3-He can add and subtract- While the method he’s learned has the hubs and I looking cross eyed somedays He gets it. He use to get so overwhelmed with the thought of counting and adding numbers. His face would be a blur but now he’s counting adding subtracting like one ones business!

4-He enjoys picture reviews- Since hes been reading more often he gets to do book picture reviews to retell the story. His pictures are clearer and he can actually retell it pretty good I love this time we get to do them together most!

5-He can write sentences. Since reading and spelling go hand in hand Little Man is writing more and I’m talking capital letters, punctuation, and spacing in 4-5 word sentences! His spelling isn’t always perfect but I enjoy his writing!

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