Be Proud Be Confident

Yesterday I spent a lot of time going through photos of our GUBcation for next weeks recap week. I came across some beautiful photos of Little Lady and I was inspired to share something very raw and emotional.

I shared the photo above with the long caption:

I want my daughter to grow up being proud and confident of who and what she is. From her wild curls to the way she walks from her shade of brown skin to her silly laugh. When people ask her about her roots she will be proud and she will know where she comes from. I want her to love who she is because in our world negative seems to outshine the rest. I will plant the seed of positivity. #ideclareit #gublife

Since the kids were young we always get very curious individuals and one of the things i promised myself was to always be honest with others and to rather feel judged I’d have to set my feelings aside to educate others and my children. I want to be that example especially with Little Lady. I want her to be proud, confident, and have great self-esteem.
I asked my self why… I thought long and hard. I then realized over a conversation with the hubs one day he called me a bully… he was kidding of course lol but he then asked if I was ever bullied. I had to think hard. I never got picked on and I felt lucky because since I was a kid I have always been chubs yet it never stopped me from being proud and confident. 
Now that I am a parent I worry constantly about Little Man and Little Lady being picked on. It’s still very new to me to be stared at and to have whispers. During our walk at downtown disney a little later after the photo above was taken a couple pointed at my daughter and whispered. I was holding her hand. I squeezed tight and I knew she knew something was going on. I had to set my feelings aside. I questioned what their issue was and even if they were saying negative things. 
I smiled nodded and kept walking with Little Lady. I know she will become aware of this as she gets older but I need to teach her to be proud, confident and have amazing self-esteem about who she is and what she looks like.
People may question, whisper, and stare but I know if I plant the seed of positivity my kids will be ok!
p.s. I was ready to publish this post and Little Lady stands by me as I am looking over it and says “My hair looks beautiful” and then runs off. It warmed my heart! 

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