DIY Kids Garden Tea Party


Disclosure: This is a sponsored post as a participant in the Walmart Moms Program.

I never imagined having such a girly girl. Ever since Little Lady was 2 she’s been obsessed with cooking and having tea parties. These aren’t tea parties like you would imagine, with a kettle and mini cups! No, her tea parties consisted of yummy food and bright colored plastic dishes.

Recently I talked to her about the idea of having a little tea party and she suggested we do it outdoors and it be a kids garden tea party! I knew she had heard this idea in one of her shows so I ran with it.

My first thoughts were to have her incorporated in as much of the planning as possible and to make it super affordable.

Luckily Walmart supplied us with the challenge of a spring activity so shopping we went.

Our party cost us less than $40! It could have easily been a party for 4 but since it’s just the kiddos it was a perfect party for two!

The Party Kit Must Haves

Consider this like a party in a box, just add the food! This party can easily be put together and given to someone to throw a party of their own! All the supplies were easy to find at our local Walmart and I had Little Lady help with picking out our color theme. We went with Bright pink, yellow, green, and orange! It just shouts Spring time!

•Large bowl- consider this your box for all your supplies and for later use at the party!
Aladdin mason pitcher 2.5qt It’s plastic and perfect for sweet tea and lemonade!
Aladdin Mason 16 oz cups
•Paper plates and napkins
•Coordinating straws and small dishes
Wilton flower cupcake liners
•Plastic tablecloth
•2 planting kits- Crayola Draw and Grow planters

These are the things that made our party pop! Adding the food came easy and made the party come together!

Your table spread should consists of all your kids favorites! From fresh fruit to their favorite sandwiches cut in bite sized form, cupcakes, cookies and cake! The options are endless!

Garden Tea Party Food:

Using the Wilton flower liners we made and decorated delicious cupcakes!

Fresh berries and cake also were served!

Little Lady’s favorite sandwiches are banana and peanut butter. So we made a few and sliced them up perfect mini tea sandwiches! These sandwiches should be made by what you may already have at home and made out of your kids favorites!

And you can’t forget the sweet tea! The kids like sweet tea but this could easily have been a fresh lemonade too!

Also the Aladdin mason cups were great for holding smaller foods like cookies and the strawberries

The kids loved the table spread and were quick to feast before I could snap a few photos!

Garden flower pots:

After the bellies are full flower potting is a must!

We used Crayola’s Draw and Grow planting kit. It comes with everything you need and are available by the garden area at Walmart for under $6! It really was just decorate, add water and done!

Easy DIY Decor:

Straw Flags
Using less than a sheet of card stock in a coordinating pattern you can create adorable flags to your bright colored straws. Cut a strip no thicker than 1/2 an inch and about 1 1/2 inches long. Fold in half adhere to the straw with double sided take or glue. Snip the ends for a ribbon flag effect! Done!

Fringe banner 
Measure your plastic tablecloth and cut the excess. Using the long sides fold in half and again then cutting at bottom begin to cut your fringe. The doesn’t need to be perfect. Unfold and hang from the sides for a cute fringe. This can be added to a wall, tree or bush, or your party table!

This was such a fun part to put together. Loved that I was able to find all of my supplies at Walmart for an affordable price! It was easy to make simple things look great even for a party of just two kids!

What are some of your favorite party must haves? 

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