Playtime with Barbie and Little Lady #BarbieProject

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post as a participant In the Barbie Project. 

We are so excited to share, Little Lady and I will be a part of The Barbie Project! The Barbie Project is a journey where parents are invited to discover the imagination, passion, and stories our kids create during playtime with Barbie. Over the next few months we hope you will join us on this adventure with Barbie and Little Lady!

When Little Lady received her first package full of fun and all things Barbie, She lit up! This wasn’t the first time she’d get her hands on Barbie and friends. Honestly, she’s been obsessing over Raquel, Mig, Nikki, and all the other Barbies from Barbie Dreamhouse. She loves watching episodes on netflix and youtube nonstop!

I still recall the first time Barbie was introduced to Little Lady. She was so overjoyed but still a little too young to understand what to do with Barbie!
Two years later, She is almost 5 and very talkative and full of imagination! We hung out the other day to play with her newest additions and she went right to it! Barbie was suddenly speaking in a different voice than Little Lady’s and Nikki and Raquel were instantly our best friends.

I never realized Little Lady is very particular about which Barbie dolls get to come out for Playtime. She lays all her Barbie Dolls down before deciding where each one goes and she greets each one. Once everyone was in their place, she began to let her imagination take us to a very familiar place. 

Little Lady immediately built a family together.

LL: Mama this is Steven his wife Nikki and they are married because they love each other.
Me: Oh ya that’s nice!
LL: Yes! They go on dates because they love each other right Mama? OH OH OH Their kids they forgot their kids!
Me: Who are their kids?
LL: Don’t you know? Charlotte and Warlotte

I’m assuming the kids are twins because of the name and because daddy is actually a twin too. She began to unload the family off the car they drove in and decided a picnic would be a great outing with the family. This made me smile. We’ve only been on a handful of picnics and the hubs unfortunately has never been able to join us. She made it a point that everyone sit together and eat together as a family just like when we eat dinner.

I find it interesting that she remembered something from a few years back. She said “remember we had a picnic at the park and you gaves us sandwiches and my favorite, Cheetos?”

I nodded and continued to play. Next she had us go home to shower the kids. Another very familiar moment and in our routine after an outing at the park.

She wanted to get her dolls “nakey” as she calls it when she gets undressed but I had her hold off on that. No need for “nakey” dolls.

LL: Ok Mama time for baths!
Me: Ok you first!
LL: Ok babygirl, time to scrub your gorgeous hair! Do you want colorful water? Now close your eyes the water has soap!

She sounded just like me! She was saying all the things I say when we get ready for bath time! I know I  probably had a huge smile on my face. This was a great moment.

Although these playtime moments with Barbie and Little Lady are all  familiar, it was nice to relive them as told from my 4 year old’s point of view. She listens and pays close attention even to the smallest of details. I think this Barbie Project is the beginning to a great thing with Little Lady and I!

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