5 Must Haves for Backyard Camping

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post as a participant in the Walmart Moms Program.

The husband was a boy scout as a kid for about 6 years and he has always talked about camping. Being a California girl camping to me means going to a national park and staying in a cabin! Not the idea of camping when it came to the hubs. He talked about having a fire, setting up a tent and actually sleeping outdoors. We finally purchased our first tent and we decided to do a trial run with the kids by Backyard camping!

As a mom I like to be prepared so here are the 5 must haves we needed for an awesome Backyard Camping experience.

We purchased all of our items for less than $100 at Walmart! That includes the tent, lantern, single burner camp stove, propane, and s’mores goodies!

Ozark Trail 4 person Instant Dome Tent

Having a tent is definitely a must. We purchased an Ozark Trail 4 person instant dome tent at Walmart on Rollback for $59.99! Not only was the price amazing the tent is amazing! As a person that has never been camping I’ve heard the horror of getting a tent up and taking hours to figure it out.

The Ozark tent was easy to set up and the perfect size for our family.We fit comfortably sleeping on the floor of the tent in sleeping bags! The hubs set it up in less than 3 minutes alone but i’m sure had I helped him we could have had it up in 30 seconds! The tent has easy poles already attached so no hassle and definitely no worries of losing pieces. It collapses just as fast and is foldable for easy storage!


Some of the features we personally loved about this tent were the 2 windows, outlet cord access, lantern hook on tent ceiling, and ground vents to help keep the air coming in.


A lantern is a must whether camping in the woods, camping grounds, or your backyard it gets dark out there! Our kids are young and afraid of the dark so getting one like the Coleman LED Classic lantern at Walmart for $19.98 was a great buy! This light features two light settings as well as being weather resistant! It has a handle for easy carrying and is battery operated! Thankfully we had one already but being a family of 4 and having two little ones that are potty trained taking them to the bathroom meant either everyone comes in or half of the family stays in the dark. It’s important to invest in at least two.

Single Burner Camp Stove + Propane

Even when camping out in the backyard having something to heat with is nice. We wanted to have a similar experience as really being out in the woods so having a burner with fire was on the list of must haves Luckily we found this Ozark Trail Single Burner Propane Camp Stove at Walmart for $19.97 What we loved about this little stove was that it was portable and easy to carry, it contained a pot supporter in the event that we wanted to cook, it had an adjustable burner for cooking time and heat distribution, and a drip tray for easy clean up! While we only used it for marshmallow roasting it was the perfect size for our little camping adventure. The propane was also a great buy and perfect for fitting in our new little stove. We got Propane 2-pack deal at Walmart for $5.37. Propane is definitely safe and a must for any camping experience! Please remember to transport propane safely and always keep it out of kids reach.


There is no question about having S’mores on any camping trip! They are a MUST! I loved that my local Walmart had all our S’mores ingredients by each other! I’m talking Hershey’s Milk Chocolate (6 ct. $3), Honey Maid Graham Crackers ($2.98) , and of course Jet-puffed S’more Marshmallows (less than $3)! All our S’mores ingredients were less than $10! And don’t forget those roasting forks or skewers! The kids absolutely loved the s’mores it was definitely a treat to have them before bedtime! 

So how did our camping trip go?

We survived and enjoyed our first family Backyard camping adventure! It was not only fun but it really was a great memory for our family. It was comfortable thanks to our tent, it was real and we were prepared! We really can’t wait to do it again… in the comfort of our backyard!

We woke up the next morning bright and early thanks to Mr. Sun. Everyone creeped out the tent and pitched in to get all our blankets and sleeping bags into the house. The tent was down in no time and packed and stored away for our next camping adventure!

Have you been camping with the family? What are your camping must haves?

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