DIY Patriotic Door Decor- Honor the Brave

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post as a participant in the Walmart Moms Program.

One of the things I miss most about living in Military housing is how patriotic everyone was. Red, white and blue always adorn the walk ways, trees, and doors in our complex.

Memorial Day is just a few weeks away. While we are no long on a military base or military housing I wanted our patriotism to shine bright.

Show your American Spirit this Memorial Day with this fun and easy family DIY Door Decor! 

You will need:
-Red, white and blue buttons- they can be any shape I found this assorted bag of star buttons at Walmart.
-A wooden shape- It can be any shape you desire We chose a circle.
-Acrylic paint- In the color black or dark gray- we used the color pavement for a chalkboard effect
-paint brush or sponge
-Painters pen- in fine or medium point best in the color white
-Adhesive- E6000 was our choice of glue
-Ribbon- in a patriotic color

Let’s make some Patriotic Door Decor

Prepare your area for painting. Using small amounts of the acrylic paint begin to cover the surface of your wooden shape. Apply 2 coats to get best color result on wooden shapes

Once dried, paint your accent marks with the painters pen, to measure where you will put your saying and also where you will add your red, white, and blue buttons!

TIP: If you make a mistake or start writing your saying make a typo or any other error, repaint over it and it’s good as new. Wait for it to dry and try writing your saying again!

Place the buttons on your wooden surface. Be sure to place them how you want and move them around how you see them best fit. Once satisfied glue each button on with E600 or any other glue of your choice.

Once the buttons are dried and secured, write your saying. We did two Honor the Brave in the middle and Happy Memorial Day on the lower end of our door decor.

Measure ribbon to your desired length and cut. Depending on where you decide to hang your sign is how you can measure the length.

Using the same glue you used for the buttons adhere your ribbon to the back of the wooden sign. We let it dry over night to really secure the ribbon was adhered.

Hang  your Patriotic Door Decor!

Hang your door decor on a wreath hook or even a door knob! These are so fun to make consider making this a family night activity or giving them to someone special for Memorial Day!

Be sure to check your local Walmart for all the supplies needed for this DIY!

A huge thank you to all who have served and to all our Military families! Thank you for your sacrifice and service.

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