Missing Grandma and Papuchoni

I always miss “home” even as often as I’ve been lucky enough to visit. What I miss most is being near my parents and my brothers.

Now that the kids are a little older they miss them too and it doesn’t make it easy for me to miss home when I have two little ones asking me to call grandma and Papuchoni because they can’t sleep and they miss them.

It kinda breaks my heart.

A few days ago, Little Lady wanted to call grandma and Papuchoni and while it’s usually a request I can fulfill I couldn’t. My parents were visiting Mexico and I knew my mom’s phone would be off.

It kinda sucked… a lot. My heart broke for Little Lady.

It reminded me of the first year we moved from California to NJ and it didn’t make it any easier that it was Mother’s Day night and I couldn’t get a hold of my mama.

I have my days and I know the kids will too. It’s not always enough to make phone calls, make video calls, or send text messages daily. Sometimes you just need to see the other person face to face, you need to hug them, kiss them, laugh with them.

I’ll always miss my parents and I know now I must work hard at keeping their little hearts full with love from their grandparents.

How do you stay in touch with long distance family?

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