Floating with Barbie #barbieproject

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post as a participant In the Barbie Project. 

Being a part of the Barbie Project with Little Lady has been such a great learning experience for both of us. It’s been amazing to see how Little Lady learns about things thru Barbie playtime as well as how she teaches me new things about her. Barbie has definitely become much more than just a doll and friend in our home. She has become a tool for learning and discovering play and life with our big girl!

Just recently we put up our pool and we were so excited because this year Little Lady is tall enough to stand and play without holding on to someone for dear life. Barbie came for a swim too! We used her to show little lady not to be fearful about learning to float.

We told her what we were going to do and we asked if she’d be ok to watch how Barbie Nikki floats. She agreed and watched closely with her hands held together as we used a straw just liker her floating noodle to help keep Barbie afloat.

She went down at eye level to see if Nikki was ok and could stay afloat. She did even if it was for a few seconds!

As her Barbie doll went down she quickly reached out to rescue her.

We sat back in the pool to relax and watched as Little Lady carefully kept Nikki secure with her floating noodle. My daughter taught me this time around how to stay calm even if we feared something. In this case her fear of learning to float. But she also showed me just how much she cares and is ready to protect what she loves.

She eventually tried putting Nikki up on her own straw floating noodle and she looked happy and comfortable with watching her stay afloat for a few seconds.

Our time in the pool was filled with splashing, laughing, smiling and snapping pictures. We can’t wait for more play time with our family as our summer has just begun!

Do your kids love Barbie?
How are you spending time with Barbie and friends this summer?
 Join in on the fun and share photos with us using the hashtag #BarbieProject 
Learn more about the Barbie Project and join the conversation #BarbieProject too!

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