Kid Friendly: Mango Berry Smoothie

Disclosure:  I was sent Mangos by the National Mango Board. All thoughts are my own. 

This summer I’m making it my mission to create easy, simple, delicious foods and drinks for the kids to keep them refreshed and full! To kick off our summer I made the kids a delicious Mango Berry Smoothie.

I met the National Mango Board team during my stay in Miami and they were kind enough to send me some Mangos! They were not only gorgeous in color but so deliciously sweet!

Here is how we made our Mango Berry Smoothie!

3-4 mangos we used 2 small and 2 medium sized mangos
Mixed berries- we used raspberries and strawberries.

All of our fruits were fresh and sliced.
Tip: Peel your mango with a potato peeler and then slice. It makes it easier to add to the blender.

Blend your fruit with about a cup of water and 1 cup of ice. Blend until smooth. If your fruits are not sweet add a little sugar or honey.

Serve and enjoy!

Smoothies can be made with various ingredients There is no wrong way to make a smoothie.
If you want it more of a creamy smoothie add some milk or yogurt! The possibilities are endless.

I enjoy my fruit with a little chile So it’s only right I added a little Tajin in mine!

How do you enjoy your smoothie?

What would you add to your kids smoothie?

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