BOYS Like Barbie Too #BarbieProject

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post as a participant in the #Barbie Project.

Becoming parents opens up the door to many conversations. Luckily the hubs and I discussed many things before we got married and had children. One issue we discussed was if he was comfortable with our son playing dolls and our daughter playing cars. I was happy I had found a man who was openminded nonjudgmental and sensitive to the issues I found dear to my heart.

I shared a story with him about when I was younger and how horrible my boy cousin was treated because he liked playing with barbie dolls. We’d sneak around and play together but I knew the moment I left his house it was going to be bad for him. His parents didn’t agree with him playing dolls. They’d say it was for girls and he was a boy. He’d cry and was treated unfairly and even put on punishment. It hurt my heart and I never understood it.

Little Man and Little Lady share a toy box. They play with each other often. When Little Lady’s collection of Barbie Dolls grew Little Man began to get interested. It’s a new toy in the box and he wanted to share time with his sister. They are close for the most part as much as they disagree on things when playing.

I was able to capture a day of them hanging out and playing. I sat back and asked questions later.

Little man was JJ the boy doll he was secretly spiderman though or so he told Little Lady. She asked him where his costume was because JJ had shorts not pants like spiderman. They both giggled and played.

They started to role play.
JJ and Jenny went to go eat but JJ was the hungriest. He took some food and became like the hulk. The table fell the chairs did too. Little Lady wasn’t happy “MOM, Brother plays too rough”

Her face was priceless! “JJ is hungry mom!” Little Man would argue. I looked at him and asked “Is JJ hungry or is Little Man hungry” he giggled.

They continued to play watching tv, feeding the dogs, listening to nicki minaj (My choice in music apparently is a hit with them too) JJ and Jenny ended up having a good time and so did Little Man and Little Lady!

While Little Lady helped me set up the dinner table we chatted
Mom:”Do you think Barbie’s are for boys too?”
LL:”They are for girls mom… and ummm Boys who like dolls too” “Brother likes to play with me”
Mom: “Is it ok that he plays with you? Do you have a good time with him?”

LL: “Yes mama, I like when brother plays with me and Barbie”

So again, Boys like Barbie too and their sisters like it when they play as long as they don’t play too rough!

What are your thoughts on Boys playing with Barbie Dolls?
Learn more about the Barbie Project and join the conversation #BarbieProject too!

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