Philly: Art Splash at the Museum of Art

This week we were invited to the Philadelphia Museum of Art for Art Splash! We toured and got hands on with this weeks theme of Arms and Armor.
We vlogged our day at the museum for you to take a first hand look at the experience for a family at the museum. 
I can’t say enough how much I appreciated the Art studio and Splash stations. The kids were able to make something related to the exhibition and also carry real knights armor! We were able to experience the museum in  such a great way. The kids were engaged and interested and really learned a lot.
If you are in the Philly area be sure to stop by the Philadelphia museum of Art for Art Splash all summer long We highly recommend this for family fun! 

July 8–13, 2014 Arms and Armor Mount your horse, brandish your shield, and join our brigade of knights.
July 15–20, 2014 Wonderful Weavings Spin, dye, warp, knot. What does it take to weave a carpet fit for a king?
July 22–27, 2014 Art in the GardenProp up your easel and sketch the water lilies as we visit Claude Monet’s garden.
July 29–August 3, 2014 Mixed-Up MusicDance to the beat of Picasso’s rhythmic patterns, contrasting colors, and jazzy shapes.
August 5–10, 2014 Mythological MischiefHear all about the tricky creatures, sneaky beasts, and devious gods and goddesses that fill our galleries.
August 12–17, 2014 Trip around the WorldPack your bags and join us for thrilling adventures through distant lands.
August 19–24, 2014 Medieval WorldsWalk through a stone archway into the Middle Ages and discover a world of winged lions, grinning gargoyles, and meditative monks.
August 26–September 1, 2014 Tea and Treasure

Bid farewell to Art Splash with a week celebrating the art of Asia.

For more information on Art Splash visit Art Splash at

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