BTS DIY: Duck Tape School Clothes Hanger Flags

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post as a participant in the Walmart Moms Program. 

Now that both the kids are going to be in school I need a lot more time and ways to stay organized and prepared for the school week. One of my Back to School DIYs was this super fun DuckTape School Clothes Hanger Flags. They not only are reusable but customizable and the kids loved choosing their patters and colors!

Make some for your kids!

To make these hanger flags you will need:
-Duck Tape one solid color and one pattern- Walmart carries a variety of colors and patterns for as low as $2.70!
-Sharpie markers chose fun ones like these Sharpie Neon thin tip
-5 Hangers

Get creative with your Hanger Flags!

Take the solid Duck Tape of your choice and write the days of the week with a Sharpie marker.
Cut the days out and prepare them to go on the flags.

Using a cool patterned Duck Tape roll, cut our 5 strips that are at least 5 inches long.
Take the tape and wrap it around the hook of the hanger like the photo above.
And cut a triangle out to make them look like ribboned flags or a fish tail.

Add the days of the week strips of Duck Tape on to each flag.

Plan your school clothes and hang them accordingly! All set we are ready for the school week!

How do you keep school clothes planned out and organized?
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