Kids Say the Funniest Things pt.4

I can almost hear my parents telling me “beware the things you do now you’ll pay for with your kids” Ya this is one of those You are right mom and dad stories.

Little Lady is known for his spunk and sassy attitude. My mom always says she reminds her of when I was young. Little Lady is quite the boss when it comes to her and Little Man. If things don’t fly her way she’s done and frustrated with her brother.

Little Man is more of a go with the flow kinda boy very much like the hubs. But when it comes to the things he loves like video games, legos, and Mr. Bear well he puts up quite the fight.

Just recently I witnessed a back and forth between Little Man and Little Lady.

LM: I don’t want to play that sis let’s play this game
LL: I don’t want to play that game you always win it’s not fair!
LM: Find you lost your turn you don’t get to play
LL: UGHHHHHHH You know what brother you’re a BAD WORD!
LM: OOOOO Mom sis called me a BAD WORD!

Me: What did you call him sis? What bad word?
LL: I called him a bad word….

I didn’t want to laugh but geez I love my kids. If they think saying bad word is just as bad as any bad word well I guess I gotta put an end to it now.

My dad use to get on me about my foul language he even though freakin’ and just kidding were bad words.

My kids know not to repeat anything I say since but hearing their little argument and Little Lady feeling like she needed to say a bad word let’s me know I need to work on that. She knew to well when to say BAD WORD but at least it wasn’t a bad word!

What’s the funniest thing your kid has ever said? Share with us below Let’s chat!

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