Moon Exploring with NASA Barbie #BarbieProject

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post as a participant in the #Barbie Project.

This week our family has been talking about making plans to watch this summer’s Brightest SuperMoon!!! Little Lady had many questions about the moon so we decided to go Moon exploring with our new NASA Barbie!

Nasa Barbie arrives in style

NASA Barbie arrived in a custom rocket! Don’t worry this is an easy DIY the hubs and I came up with that worked great for our moon exploring.

Make your own rocket
You will need one -2ltr soda bottle cut at the bottom with a blade knife. Cut all around expect for 2 inches. This will help the bottom stay attached but allow Barbie to slide in and out. Try it out!

What does the Moon feel like?

I asked Little Lady what she thought the moon felt like. She went into my shipping supplies and took out our roll of bubble wrap. Pretty awesome imagination if you ask me! She wanted Barbie to feel it too. “It’s bubbly mama”

Welcome to the moon NASA Barbie 

Little Lady decided that Barbie would explore the moon some more.

Barbie does tricks on the moon

Barbie arrived with tricks. Apparently she’s a pretty awesome gymnast too. She did lots of flips and was upside down a lot.

Walking on the moon

Walking on the moon with Barbie was definitely done in an unexpected way. No need for moon boots! Barefoot is the way to go according to Little Lady. I wasn’t surprised Little Lady loves being barefoot.

The moon feels bubbly but when you walk on it “it’s rocky” Little Lady’s observations and predictions are pretty awesome!

Time to go home NASA Barbie

Little Lady put NASA Barbie into her rocket and boom up to the sky she went!

She spent some time running around, barefoot, on our black top with NASA Barbie in her rocket!
Her imagination doesn’t come far fetched since our black top seems pretty rocky too!

I hope she never loses her awesome imagination and I hope the supermoon this weekend lives up to what she believes it will look like!

Learn more about the Barbie Project and join the conversation #BarbieProject too!

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