Simple Back to School Lunch: Crunchy Banana PB Waffle Sandwich

When it coms to lunch time with the kiddos I try to make lunch  fun and simple. They are huge peanut butter fans, no surprise here hubs seems to be a pb fan too!

We visited a place called PB and U a few years ago and ever since they have challenged me to think outside the box for kids lunches.

I’ve seen a growing trend on using Waffles for sandwiches a modern twist to a boring slice of bread and I decided to make the kiddos favorite into a sandwich!

Crunch Banana PB Waffle Sandwich

Simple Ingredients
2- Toasted Waffles
Peanut Butter

Waffle Sandwich- Make it your way 

My kids like PB a lot! So I spread both waffles with a generous amount. we cut rounds off the banana and place them over the pb and add a few broken up pretzels on to the other half! Place them together and cut and you got yourself a super easy and delicious Waffle Sandwich! Yes it’s that simple!

Kids cookin in the kitchen

If your school is like ours and doesn’t allow nut products in the class consider this a great after school snack!

The kids make their own waffle sandwiches or if they’re up for a name change they call this their waffle pizza! No need to put the waffles together just serve as a loaded waffle! Your kids will not only enjoy making these but eating them too!

Pack up a lunch with your kids nutritional faves!

Remember lunch doesn’t have to be boring! Give your kids favorites a modern twist surprise them with a few of their favorites and I’m sure they’ll be asking for more homemade lunches!

Looking for more delicious waffle sandwiches check out our Pinterest board and don’t forget to pin our Crunchy Banana PB Waffle Sandwich!

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