Trendy Back to School Accessories under $5

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post as a participant in the Walmart Moms Program.

If you’re looking to save a few bucks in clothing this Back to School here is a great way to do so! Use trendy affordable accessories to style your kid’s clothing.

Little Lady is quite spoiled and still has many outfit perfect for school. They aren’t new but can definitely make her feel like they are with a few accessories like hats, hair-bows, scarves, and bracelets! The best part is we found trendy accessories at Walmart for under $5!

Hats and Scarves

Since summer is ending and it’s been cool a few days now before school I know hats and scarves will come in handy. These knit hats and infinity scarves are both by Faded Glory they were each $4.97. The 2pk scarves come in various colors and patterns! I picked up black and white because I knew Little Lady could use either with any outfit!

The knitted hats also come in various colors. I loved how soft and stretchy the hat’s were because Little Lady has tons of hair. It stayed on her head and went great with her outfit! It gave her outfit a different look and allowed her hair to be down without being in her face. She picked out the fuchsia and black hats.

Bracelets, bows and headbands

Styling hair can really change the look of an outfit and adding a little arm candy doesn’t hurt either! I loved how these mini bracelets have matching bows and how trendy the colors are. Little Lady loves the pastels and Walmart has amazingly cute bows with gold accents for less than $4. The headbands were in beautiful sequins and came in a pack of 6 with trendy neons!

We also picked up single hair bows in pink and black. Walmart has a selection of clip hair bows for only $1 in the girls clothing department. The ones we chose were solid but they come in all colors and patterns!

Not only will this help style her outfit but the hair accessories are so versatile we came up with several ways to wear them together!

I loved the sequins headband with a matching outfit bow! I look forward to styling her all year long!

What are you favorite accessories to style your kids clothing?

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