5 Musts for Back to School Night

Tonight is our back to school night and last year I was so unprepared. I didn’t know how things would go or what to even ask. Thankfully I am a little more prepared this year and know what to expect

I advise to take notes and asking general questions You will get some time to meet teacher but not to much time to really get a one on one.  Save the specific questions about your kids  for the conference one on ones.

These are a few of my Back to School Night Musts

1- Introduce yourself: Remember you are there to meet the teacher so introduce yourself and mention who your child is.

2- Check out the classroom: Look for your child’s name on art work, school help list, and desks or cubbies to get an idea of what they are doing at school

3- Look for Sign up Lists: Ask to see if their is a list for volunteer sign ups for field trips, in class help or items the class may need.

4-Ask questions that matter: 
homework:Learn if you haven’t already what homework expectations are and what other resourses your teacher may have for your child
Allergies:Our son had a peanut allergy student so we had to watch what snacks/ treats we sent into class or what kinds of foods our child ate before going to school to prevent an accident. Ask to see if anyone has an allergy or advise the teacher if you haven’t already about your own child. Also be considerate and open minded when talking about or listening to parents share their concerns to allergies.
Special projects: Our kinder teacher had a mystery can for show and tell come home with each student about 3x’s in the school year. It’s a fun way to help your child share more about themselves with their class.
Discipline / reward system: We also had a stop light system for discipline and a Calendar sticker reward sheet that was sent home each day to help teacher/parent communication.
Contacting teacher: I’ve learned some find it better sending notes home and others like to email find out what better works for your teacher so you will continue to be in the know.

5-Meet other important people in your school- Learn who your principal, assistant principal, nurse, class aid, and lunch room teachers are. It’s important to know who is at your school Thankfully our school does an outstanding job and making these important people very present and accessible.


What are your musts for back to school night?

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