5 things I learned from the Barbie Project with Little Lady #BarbieProject

The Barbie Project has allowed me to sit back and watch my daughter at play but also create such a great conversation between mother and daughter.

I didn’t know going into the Barbie Project would be a learning experience for myself as a mother and really teach me more about my little lady. As a parent you want to believe you know your child very well but thru Barbie I really saw my daughter grow, learn and dream.

I learned 5 important things from the Barbie project with Little Lady

1- Kids mimic parents more than we know- Words, routines, habits, and even mannerism. My daughter’s playtime with Barbie were routines we go thru daily with meal times and bath times. Hearing her speak like me was eye opening and really reminded me that a little growing lady is learning oh so much from me.

2-My daughter dreams big- My daughter always talks about the things she wants to do but her dreams are so BIG. She has dreams I know she can accomplish but more so than career and adventure she dreams of a life of exploration and she is driven by the memories we create now. She remembers the feelings from being on plane, eating certain dishes and playing with friends in far away places.

3-Barbie isn’t a doll she’s a friend- Little Lady considers Raquelle and Nikki friends When we traveled she wanted Raquelle to experience what she did. She wanted to include her in all our activities. When we went swimming and learned to float Nikki was Little Lady’s safety net She worried about her as any kid would about the things they love.

4-Being considerate and loving doesn’t stop with people- Along the same lines of Barbie being a friend the way little lady treated others thru play was always considerate and so loving. She wanted everyone to be included and everyone to be a part of play. Brother even played with her a few times though he played rough she always wanted him to continue to play with her just a little nicer.

5-Dolls don’t have to be the same color to identify- This was probably the biggest reality check for me as a parent. I always encouraged and purchased dolls my daughter could identify with and while that is ok it’s important to have a diverse group of dolls. My daughter didn’t care if the Barbie’s had long straight hair or curly dark hair she loved them all the same. She was more worried about their clothes than the skin color of the doll. She identified with the nurse barbie because one week she wanted to be a nurse even tho the nurse didn’t look like her.

I learned more than I thought I would and I loved our time with Barbie while playing together and most of all when I sat back and watched/listened to her play. The Barbie Project has been one of the best experiences for my daughter and I.


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