Our Bedtime Routine with Johnson’s Baby

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post as a participant in the Walmart Moms Program. 

Our bed time routine has been one of the most important and consistent routines in our kids lives. From early on we learned that following a routine was important for a great nights rest and also time with baby.

The hubs and I both share roles and we made a pact long ago, if the kids didn’t get to see us enough in the day bath time/bedtime routine was ours. It sounds silly but we both love that time with our kids.

Since before the kids were able to share bath time Johnson’s Baby products were a must. The bedtime lavender scents really helped set the mood for what was to come next in our bedtime prep.

I’m happy to share that nothing has changed aside from separate baths with the kids!

Our bedtime routine goes as followed:

1- Bath time- Shower with Johnson’s baby shampoo and bedtime wash
2- Massage time- Lotion massage with Johnson’s baby bedtime lotion
3- Sleep time- A quick bedtime story and a nice cuddle before we are off to a comfy sleep!

We use these Johnson’s baby products because they help soothe our babies when they were tiny and they helped instill our routine. They are part of the no more tears line and really get the job done. While our shampoos vary the scent in the wash and lotion linger and remind the kids of bedtime. We only use these bedtime products at bedtime because we know it triggers our routine. The kids know what to expect next. They not only help with our routine they are soft of their skin and keep them moisturized all night.

I am happy to say our routine has helped both our kiddos with bedtime and while they enjoy this special time I am confident the hubs and I enjoy it and treasure the time just as much. I look forward to a few more years of this special bedtime/ bath time routine with my babies.

Find these and other great Johnson’s baby products at your local Walmart.

For expert sleep advice and tools to help your baby sleep better check out Johnson’s Baby Bedtime App it’s free!

What’s your baby’s bedtime routine?

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