Affordable Halloween Costumes for Kids at Walmart

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post as a participant in the Walmart Moms Program. 

This year with both kiddos in school we have a few Halloween parties and activities lined up so of course I try to get the kiddos a few costumes. I headed over to Walmart and was happy to see costumes as low as $9.88! The best part was finding affordable accessories that really make the costumes come to life! The kiddos loved being able to pick out their costumes and accessories and my pockets were happy that it all cost under $50!

Little Man’s TMNT Turtle Power Costume + Accessories 

Little Man is into the very boyish not so cute costumes Of course dad had fun helping him pick out weapons and gloves to go with his costume. I was happy to find that the turtle costume came with a mask, knee pads and elbow pads, and of course a cool turtle shell. We added some sound activated hands and some turtle combat gear for Raphael.

Raphael TMNT Nickelodeon costume
Turtle Hands
Turtle combat gear

Little Lady’s Little Mermaid Costume

Of course Little Lady went for a Disney Princess this year. Every year she picks a Disney character so seeing her want Ariel was no surprise. I was happy to see the dress was under $10. She also picked out an ariel red head wig and Tiara her costume was less than $25 all together and I love that play time doesn’t have to end on halloween! She can use this for playtime dress up time.

Little Mermaid Costume $9.88
Ariel Tiara
Ariel Red Hair Wig

Being able to get my kids the costumes they love at an affordable price makes shopping easier and fun! Check out the variety of costumes Walmart has for kids and adults as well as the accessories!

What do your kids want to dress up as this Halloween?

walmart disclosure

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