Princess Halloween Hairstyle with No More Tangles

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We are back with another hairstyle and this one is perfect for the prettiest little princess on Halloween! Using No More Tangles has allowed me to really get creative with Little Lady’s hair. This Halloween Little Lady wants her hair up since she is going to be a mermaid with a pinned up look this twisted bun was the perfect for her hair.

Get the Twisted Bun look!

No more tangles- halloween hairstylesUsing Johnson’s  No More Tangles we were able to recreate this twisted bun with little lady’s hair.

First we cleansed her hair with Johnson’s No More Tangles Shampoo and Conditioner for Curly hair the night before and also nourished with Johnson’s No More Tangles Leave in conditioner.  We love this leave in!!

The next morning to style and handle all the tangles we use Johnson’s No More Tangles detangling spray!

Watch here to see how we achieved this look

or follow these easy steps:

  • Create a deep side part
  • Create another section aside from the part line to the back of the head.
  • Secure the front section with a hair tie temporarily
  • Brush the res of the hair from the right to the left brining it together like a left side ponytail. Secure with a hair tie.
  • Add a ribbon on hair tie.
  • Bring ribbon around the tail until you run out of hair twisting the tail at the same time.
  • Twist the tail around the ponytail securing it with bobby pins creating a bun.
  • Take the front section and start twisting it backwards until you rn out of hair
  • Take the end of the hair and twist it around bun.
  • Secure bun with hairpins and bobby pins.

No more tangles- twisted bun

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