5 Ways Kids Can Be Thankful + Printable

GUBing thanks- teaching kids to be thankful
I love being able to show my kids different ways of doing things. From learning about holidays thru crafts or teaching them about our culture thru food recipes. I like getting them involved and really explaining why we do things. Teaching kids to say Thank You is common as they learn to speak it was in my home at least But if i’m honest, I don’t think the kids quite understood as little ones why we were saying thank you.

So here is a great way to get started and really open up the conversation with 5 ways kids can be thankful.

5 ways kids can be thankful

1-Saying Thank You- I asked my kids “why do we say thank you when someone gives us a gift or holds open a door?”

2-Helping out- My kids help set the table and pick up dishes after dinner. This is a great way to show you are thankful by doing something to help.

3-Writing a note- We discussed expressing ourselves in our last GUBing thanks activity writing a Thank You note is easy and you can even draw a picture.

4-Donations- Being thankful for what we have and donating to those who may not have all the blessings we have. It’s important in my family to teach our kids to give back.

5-Make a list- Writing a list of all you are thankful for and reading it to your family is a great way to show you are thankful! Event better make a Thankful Turkey and display it on Thanksgiving day for all to see!

Free Printable

Making a Thankful Turkey is easy and helps kids make a list of 5 things they are thankful for.

Just Print our our Printable, color it, write out your 5 things, cut it and paste it all together!

thankful turkey-gubing thanks

TIPS: Use a maker to write out what you are thankful for so they stand out. Leave space at the bottom of each feather so you can paste it behind your turkey and not cut off your words. Print on Card-Stock for a thicker and better display. 

Print out your Free Thankful Turkey Printable

free printable thankful turkey-gubing thanks-

Be sure to print out Thankful Note cards too!

How do you teach your kids to be Thankful?


5 ways kids can be thankful + printable

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