Celebrating Fiskars with the Original Orange Handled-Scissors

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365 years with fiskars

Did you know Fiskars just celebrated 365 years on October 31st? I knew The Original orange scissors had some history but how it all started is pretty interesting!

You see, in 1694 Fiskars was founded in the Fiskars Village in Finland. The village still exists today which is pretty awesome because about 100 artists and designers currently call Fiskars Village home!

fiskar orange scissors history

The Original Orange Handled-Scissors came to be when it was decided to use up the remaining plastic molding from their Orange Juicer production I mean who would have thought these famous scissors came to be from something left over! Talk about using all your product for good!

fiskars history

I was born in 1984 and  I can remember the Orange Handled scissors ALWAYS being in my grandparents home. I remember everyday sitting at the kitchen table with my Nana and watching her turn cardboard cereal boxes into small rectangles confetti strips. It was like her pass time while she sipped coffee and sat with me during my meals. As I got older, I learned that she cut all cardboard to smaller squares to make it fit better in our recycle can. I even got to join her somedays in cutting with those HUGE orange scissors in my tiny hands.

There were multiple pairs of Orange Handled-scissors in their home. In the sewing kit, in my grandfathers cubby, in the kids homework desk and of course the kitchen. It was just how it always was and If i’m not mistaken those scissors lasted forever! It was always the same pair in the kitchen stashed away in the miscellaneous drawer.

fiskars scissors

It’s no surprise when I started my collection with paper crafts I too had multiple pairs of Fiskars, it was the trusted brand after all. Now Fiskars has different colors and varitey of scissors by age, comfort, and of course the Original!

kids using fiskars scissors

I told the kids they could pick their own pair of Fiskars for their school boxes and told the stories I remembered about the big orange handled scissors. They weren’t so BIG in my hands now but the kids were interested in trying out their new pair. I asked them if they wanted to cut cardboard and they were up for it. It felt pretty cool to see them want to do an activity my grandmother loved with the brand of scissors I remember from my childhood.

Cutting with a brand new pair of the Original felt amazing. While nostalgic I was quickly reminded on why my grandmother used these scissors to cut everything. Fiskars Original scissors continue to be AMAZING while cutting thru a variety of materials including paper, cardboard, denim, silk, and other fabrics! Their stainless steel blade cuts all the way to the tip and offers a lasting sharp edge. They were comfortable and still lighter than other scissors i’ve tried! With a lifetime guarantee, you can’t go wrong!

I loved seeing how the company has grown with styles too. Little Man and Little Lady both choose blunt tip- safety edge tips. While the kids chose by the cool colors I’m happy these scissors are kid safe and recommend for ages 4 and up!

I placed my new pair of Orange handled-scissors in my craft kit I look forward to many more crafts with them.

Fiskars scissors can be found at Walmart, Including our beloved Original 8″ Fiskars Orange Handled-Scissors available at Walmart for $9.00!

Be sure to check out other Fiskars scissors too in the craft department at Walmart in-stores and Walmart.com!


Do you have a memory with Fiskars orange handled scissors? If so, Please share with us we’d love to hear more!

fiskars celebrates 365 years

walmart disclosure

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