Kid Crafts: Thankful Like Me with Barbie

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post as a participant In the Barbie Project.thankful like me with barbie
Growing up Thanksgiving in my family meant great food, family gathering, and a time to share what we are thankful for. I remember being young and sitting around the table with family being asked what we are thankful for. My answer was always the same. I was thankful for my family. I like to do things a little different with my kids instead of just asking I like to create kid crafts that will engage in a deeper conversation.

Little Lady is now in school and her understanding of being thankful is so innocent and fun but it’s also a prime opportunity to teach her what things we really should be thankful for.

We sat with Barbie and created a Thankful Wreath with simple supplies and lots of conversation.

Here is a glimpse to a day with my little lady discussing all the things she is thankful for as well as the things she thinks Barbie may be thankful for too!

Making a Thankful Wreath 
thanksgiving with barbie-supplies

  • Mini Wreath
  • Kraft paper
  • ribbon or twine
  • glue
  • stickers
  • glitter glue
  • scissors


  1. Trace your child’s hands and cut out at least 10 hands.
  2. Decorate your new hand leaves with glitter glue
  3. Discuss with your child what things they are thankful for and write them on each hand leaf
  4. Wrap your ribbon around your wreath  remember to add a loop  for easy hanging later.
  5. Begin to glue on the hand leaves
  6. While they dry cut out at least 8 hearts these will be used to add what they think Barbie is thankful for
  7. Decorate your hearts with glitter glue and add some additional seasonal stickers to your wreath like fall leaves. 
  8. Hang for everyone to see and remember what you are thankful for

thanksgiving with barbie-
This is an easy craft and can lead to very important discussions. I learned Little Lady is most thankful for her brother and watermelon. Kinda silly and sweet right? She also thinks Barbie is thankful for her family, riding the school bus, and going to fun places.

thanksgiving with barbie- Thankful like me

How do you discuss showing gratitude or being thankful with your kids?

Have you ever thought of including Barbie into the discussion?

Learn more about the Barbie Project and join the conversation #BarbieProject too!

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