Thanksgiving Kids Craft: Turkey Coasters

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Every year for Thanksgiving I try to find ways of keeping the kids busy while creating new memories and even keepsakes for years to come. Last year we made some fun Thanksgiving placemats and we continue to make it one of the fun activities we do to prepare for Thanksgiving. This year we are added to our cool kids table activities and making Turkey Coasters- a fun entertaining thanksgiving kids craft! 

To make a Turkey Coaster you will need:

kids craft- turkey coaster


-Foam sheets in black and brown- adhesive one work great for little hands and the 

-pipe cleaners in green or brown

-multi color feathers

-wiggly eyes

-tacky glue


I love shopping for all my supplies at Walmart. I find my foam adhesive sheets in various colors and even discovered these cute die shaped men which were perfect head size for our craft. 

Let’s make a turkey coaster!

kids craft- turkey foam coaster

You will need 3 foam circles 1 at least 2 inches in diameter (here is where those gingerbread looking men came in handy the head size was perfect for our craft and easy to cut off for the 2inch head) You will also need 2 circles the same size approximately 4inches in diameter this will be the body and where the cup rests on the turkey coasters.

Glue the brown head to the black body and  add the wiggly eyes. 

kids craft- turkey foam coaster with feathers

Remove the sticky back and add your feathers they should start sticking.

Add the pipe-cleaner cut in half and fold so this makes the legs. 

Remove the adhesive backing from the second black circle and add it to the back sticky side to sticky side.

TIP: Add a little tacky glue to your feathers and pipe-cleaner before adding the sticky back. This will secure your feathers if they are on the heavier side. 

kids craft- thanksgiving activity

Using feathers cut out a long strip in red and a triangle in yellow. This will make the beak and gobbler for your turkey face.

All done!

kids craft- thanksgiving activity- turkey coasters

Make this craft with the kiddos during your holiday gathering Or use them as coasters/place settings by personalizing with the name of your little guests. 

We hope you enjoy making them as much as we did!

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