Disney Giveaway to Start a Celebration Day #HappyGUBday

5th gubday

It’s pretty surreal to type out or even say that tomorrow is our 5th GUBday! Yes!!! We have been blogging for 5 years and the journey has been so amazing but it wouldn’t have happened with out the support of you our GUBfriends + our GUBreaders!!! So how about a little disney giveaway to start celebrating?

We have come such a long way since Dec 9th 2009. When I started this blog to find other amazing Blackxican families and just others who could relate to the journey and adventure of being a parent of bicultural/multicultural kiddos. Now we share more than just culture and parenting but everyday life, GUBlife! 

Blogging has been magical and to continue with the magic of celebration we’d love to give back to you, our readers with a Disney Giveaway.

As a token of always showing us support and being open to sharing feedback and moments in your family’s lives with us, we’d love a chance for you to win one of our PERSONAL GUBday GIVEAWAYS.

Today we kick off #HappyGUBday with a $25 Disney Gift Card!

gubday disney giveaway
a Rafflecopter giveaway

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  1. GloriaW says

    Family life is my favorite part of this time. Sometimes it is difficult to see family for the activities of each, but at this time we do an extra effort to see us and show us the affection we have for.
    Congratulations on your fifth anniversary.

  2. Laura J says

    Oh I love all the decorating and get ready! So much fun! We love to go and look at Christmas lights…..go drive around almost every night! He loves it!

  3. maricela says

    What I like the most about the holidays is that there is more random acts of kindness and fellowship during this time of year. And also creating memories with family and friends

  4. Lauren O says

    My favorite part of the holiday is seeing my daughter believe in the “magic” of the holidays, She loves seeing Santa and going to look at Christmas lights.

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