DIY Jolly Friends Wrapping Ideas

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I love wrapping gifts. I use to volunteer as a kid to wrap toys at a local bookstore for donations. Something magical about making someone’s gift look beautiful makes my holiday. It’s really one of the things I look forward to every year.

Now that I’m a mom, I like to make my kids gifts extra special. One year Santa delivered reindeer gift wrapped gifts and my kids went crazy over them. It added that extra magic for their holidays.

This year I have them in on the fun and we have wrapped some gifts for those we love with Jolly Friends to greet them. The gift wrapping ideas are pretty simple and so budget-friendly. 

diy jolly friends wrapping ideas-supplies

I like using things I already have or things I know we will use again.

Some of the supplies you can use are

Tissue paper (for wrapping or for creating details) ($.99)

American Greeting 3 white boxes ($3.47)

foam glitter sheets- with adhesive backs (less than $3)

Elmer’s Painter Marker ($1.97)

tape and scissors

and shipping kraft paper ($3.84)

Ya that simple! I got all my supplies at Walmart in the craft and gift card departments.  Check the links above to see how budget-friendly these supplies are. Be sure to check other crafting materials at Walmart that can make your Jolly Friends come to life on a gift box! We suggest pipe cleaners, feathers, wiggly eyes, pompoms and so much more!

Now let’s get creative

diy jolly friends wrapping ideas- easy diy

Wrap your gift boxes.  According to the Jolly Friend you will be making!  Gingerbread man and Red Nose reindeer go great with the brown Kraft paper!

Gingerbread Man Wrapping Idea
diy jolly friends wrapping ideas- gingerbread man

Using a brown wrapped box, decorate with glitter foam sheets.

First cut out 2 eyes, 3 gumdrop buttons and a fancy foam glitter collar or use tissue todo a 3d bow.

Stick them on and  add eyebrows and a smile with a marker.

Red Nose Reindeer and Snow Man Wrapping ideas

diy jolly friends wrapping ideas- add face with different expressions

Red Nose Reindeer

Using a brown wrapped box, decorate with a foam glitter red nose.

Add some facial expressions a smile and eyebrows and of course antlers!


Using a white box add a glitter foam hat and scarf. For the hat cut scallops to the bottom of your foam and for the scarf add fringes to one side of your foam. Don’t forget the coal eyes and carrot nose!  Add a smile and some eyebrows your snow man too.

These turn out so fun and really make wrapping exciting. Kids will love to receive Jolly Friend gift boxes and they will also love making them to give! 

Add this holiday wrapping idea to your holiday pin board for later! 

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