Family End of the Year Time Capsule

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end of the year family time capsule craft
I’m all about keeping the kiddos busy during the holiday break and making crafts is one of the best things. Time Capsules were so much for as a kid. I usually did them at school but this year we’re doing a simple family time capsule. We’re using it as a way to reflect on our year on new years day!With the kids now reading and writing, this is the perfect family activity for us.

You can make this craft too!
family craft kids love time capsule

With simple supplies you may already have at home or can easily purchase at Walmart you can make your own End of the year Family Time Capsule!

You will need:

  • Plastic Ornament
  • printable- download below
  • markers or crayons
  • scissors
  • mini duck tape
  • black fine point sharpie
  • ribbon
  • your family!

Download our TIME CAPSULE printable  free printable

Fill out the printable with your family. We’ve added ideas on what you can write but left them open so you can be creative.

Think about travel, school time, family fun, favorite things, and of course add a family photo and/or have the kids draw one!

Print out the template twice to have more to add to your time capsule!

time capsule printable

Simple print it out, fill it out, color, and cut it out!  We loved talking about what we did over the year and the kids sure made their entries look cute!

The kids shared they loved daddy’s chicken wings this year, they loved traveling to California, and we had a tie on our favorite movies- Big Hero6 and Book of Life. We also added future goals and a special message to the future- these will be super fun to read next year!

ducktape for time capsule

Use Ducktape to personalize your ornament time capsule. We used our tape to keep our entries rolled tight and to add the year to this time capsule. Find Duck tape at Walmart they have a variety of prints.

Sharpies work best for writing on Duck brand tapes  we added the date and the names of those who helped fill our time capsule.

2014 time capsule

Once you’ve rolled up and added tape to secure they don’t unroll add them to your ornament time capsule. Add anything else you’d like to make it pretty too like shredded paper, glitter, tinsel, confetti, or any other memorable things that can fit thru the ornament hole. Add the ribbon and all done.

Next Christmas, add your ornament on to your tree and enjoy the memories with your family. Then come new years day fill it out once again with the family to reflect on your year. This can ultimately become a tradition and keepsake every year!

Do you have any new year traditions? Let us know we’d love to hear what you do with your kids for new years!

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family time capsule - end of the year craft

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