Lego Giveaway: Continuing to BUILD our community #HappyGUBday

5th gubday
Thank you everyone for all the congratulatory wishes! As we continue with the celebration of our 5 years of blogging, we want to express how incredible it’s been to build our community. It’s been by far one of the most rewarding things thats come with the blog. I shared how I started the blog to find other to relate and soon we were on a journey to do just that! 


When we did the GUB like US series it was not only a way to get to know others in our community, but also show how diverse we are and how similar we are to other multicultural families. Every person and family we interviewed was unique in their own ways and we enjoyed getting to know our readers. We met some amazing individuals, families and even a food truck owner with lots of love for our Blackxican community! 

We encourage you to walk down memory lane with us and read the GUB like US series

The B Family

Jahrynncy & Ja’rincy 

Cassandra and Lesean



Painting Mariposas in the Sky Family

Will Turner, Owner of The Blaxican Food Truck

gubday lego giveaway

With that being said, how about we continue to build! As you all know the hubs and kids are HUGE fans of LEGO. We wanted to show our appreciation for the community we’ve built with a LEGO giveaway! Like Legos, building anything like a blog community, takes time, great effort and of course support. We like to think of our GUBreaders as the amazing  little bricks that help piece together the success of what is GUB. So Enter for a chance to win a $40 Gift Card to

gubday lego giveaway-
a Rafflecopter giveaway

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  1. Peter Ruiz says

    Ooooh Legos, the little kid in me is going crazy right now. I’m build one and never play with it, lol. Loving the giveaways. they all are things I like.

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