Luxury In Air Care with New Febreze Unstopables

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post as a participant in the Walmart Moms Program.

luxury with febreze unstopables

I’m so excited to be one of the first to try and share Febreze Unstopables . The new luxurious line of premium air care products featuring the Unstopable scents we love. We love Febreze and when we learned Febreze was bringing the unstopable scents to its air care I was so excited. I love Downy Unstopables and honestly, I refuse to do a load of laundry if we are out of the Unstopables laundry boosters because it keeps our clothes smelling so fresh.

Febreze Unstopables is launching with new luxurious scents in Shimmer, Fresh and Lush at Walmart on 12.28.14.

febreze unstopables

 I tried the fresh and the lush scent in the pluggable scented oils. The fresh scent which is my favorite instantly spread the light airy scent out the bathroom and into the TV room. It smelled like I just finished laundry.

I liked that I was able to enjoy the scent with out it being over powering. I keep mine on the high setting but in low setting you can get up to 60 days of freshness!

Lush is another favorite but I plan to keep this one all for my self. I look forward to enjoying this scent in my office area since it is a very calming scent perfect to focus and relax while I work. 

I hear we can expect to see the air care line grow too! Visit your local Walmart’s household essentials department later this month to see what’s new with Febreze Unstopables.

  • Unstopables Air Fresheners ($4.94)
  • Unstopables Fabric Refreshers ($6.94)
  • Scented oil starter kits ($6.94) like the one i’m loving.

 Learn more about what is to come on 12.28.14 at 


Are you excited about the Febreze Unstopables air care line?

febreze unstopables-new at walmart

walmart disclosure

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