Miracle Gro AeroGarden- 5 Reasons We Love Our Indoor Garden

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indoor garden- miracle gro aerogarden
It’s been 19 days since we’ve put our Aerogarden together and it’s been so cool to see it grow. We’ve shared what we liked and learned from initially receiving  and putting together our Miracle Gro AeroGarden. This little indoor garden has brought so much fun to our family.  Here are 5 reasons we think the Miracle Gro Aerogarden is a must for all families! Yes, it’s that cool we think all families should invest in one! 

5 Reasons We Love Our Indoor Garden 

1. Reusable indoor garden- We love the idea of being able to grow our little plants indoors and be able to reuse it again every season!

2. Grows Fast- We saw  our plants grow in just 6 days. The kids would get so excited to see growth every day. It’s amazing considering they are soil free pods that are made from NASA proven technology.

basil growth in 6 days dill and basil aerogarden

3. Minimal maintenance/ space  - The AeroGarden only required full attention at set up. After setting it up it’s been all fun. After 19 days the water is still more than halfway full. We did remove the caps once the plants got a little too tall but that was no hassle at all. The light turns on at it’s set time because the AeroGarden comes programed.  This indoor garden requires very little space and can be placed anywhere. We have ours in the entry way. 

4. Grow herbs, veggies, and flowers- Miracle Gro offers several types of pods that are pre-seeded for your AeroGarden.

parsley and dill and basil aerogarden parsley and dill and basil aerogarden 18 day growth

5. Fresh Plants-  Your plants grow fresh because all they need to grow is water, light and air! The AeroGarden comes supplied with a lightbulb for your indoor garden all you do is supply the water and put it together!

See how our indoor garden plants grew in just a few days with our video updates below:

There you have it the Miracle Gro AeroGarden has been an amazing experience for our family. We can’t wait to see how big our plants grow in this little indoor garden. We look forward to planting lettuce, tomatoes and chives next!

Find this AeroGarden at a Walmart store near you!  See the selection of Pod Seed kits at your local Walmart and online at Walmart.com  

Looking to invest or gift a AeroGarden consider the model we have: AeroGarden 3SL with Gourmet Herb Seed Pod Kit($49.97)

What would you grow in your AeroGarden?

Miracle Gro Aerogarden -indoor garden-


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