DIY Framed Daily To Do List

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As January comes to an end and winter days keep bringing snow days, I decided to get crafty with the kids and make a much need to do list for each of them.

My kids are visual like me and we tend to rush our to dos or forget them at the end of the day. As they get older, I want them to become more responsible for their daily to do list. This is why this framed daily to do list was the perfect activity for us!

How to make a Framed Daily To Do List

framed to do list supplies
I picked up all my supplies at Walmart between the craft and home office department. You’d be surprised how many cute things you can use to organize and make this DIY to do list.

For this DIY you will need:

  • Frame only- Walmart sells a variety of sizes we picked up this 8×10 frame for $1.97
  • Black Poster board- Pick up the elmer’s board with the ghost grid lines they make cutting super easy!
  • Some cord/twine- I picked up this natural hemp cord($5.00)
  • Index cards($1.13)- you can also use card-stock but I found these were the right thickness and easy to cut 
  • small wooden clothespins ($1.97)
  • Scotch Expressions Masking Tape ($2.90)- I love the colors available We picked Mint and Mint Mosaic
  • contact paper- optional for bottom pocket
  • Scissors
  • x-acto knife
  • Command Hooks – if you plan on hanging

Decorative Framed to do list

decorated frame with scotch masking tape

Start off decorating your frame with your masking tape. The frame was a nice color so we only decorated the top and bottom with the masking tape.
ghost grid lines for easy cutting

Next, using the x-acto knife cut out the size you will need for your frame. Use the gridlines in the back of your black foam board by cutting half an inch shorter in width and length from the measurements of your frame.  You’ll need to keep cutting until it fits just right.

Before you secure it into your frame add your cord lines. We suggest two one for your to do and one for when you are all done.

Place one 2inches from the top. Wrap the cord around to the back of your foam board and secure with masking tape.

Do the same for the second cord line. Place it 2inches from the first cord line and secure. 

Contact Paper Pocket

contact paper envelope

This pocket is optional but it really makes the to do list come together. Take piece of contact paper with the backing still in place at least 5 inches in height by however long the contact paper roll is . You will then fold it in half (hotdog style) to crease it and use it as a guide line. Fold again both sides into the crease you created. What you are creating is a pocket that is not sticky. Remove the backing one side at a time and fold to the crease starting at the middle and smoothing bubbles out towards the outside. Do the same to the other side. Place your foam board into folder pocket as shown in photo on the left Cut at least an inch in and fold over securing with some masking tape. Do the same for the other side. Take the flap remaining, cut at an angle and fold up to secure with tape. Do the same for the other side. It should look like the photo above on the right.

Secure your foam board into the frame and now lets add your to do list!

Clothespin To Do List

framed to do list details
Take some masking tape at least 3 inches long and write out TO DO on one and DONE on another. Fold them over the cord one on each line. Make the ends cute by cutting a triangle into the bottom to make them look like flags.

Using index cards cut out small squares or use a decorative punch to make your to do list. Write on your to do list out and hang with clothespins.

Add a Messages label with masking tape and add extra to do circles and squares to customize your kids to do list daily!

How do you keep track of your daily to do list?

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diy framed daily to do list

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