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Valentine’s Day is right around the corner! This is Little Lady’s first year to give Valentine cards at school since she is in Kindergarten. We had to make this time super special so we had ourselves a little party full of sweets, DIYs and of course our friend Barbie!

barbie is ready for her valentine party

Last year, Little Lady helped put together Little Man’s valentine cards and she was so excited to one day make her own too.  So when the time came to start preparing her very own Valentine cards, I asked her if we should make it a little party She agreed and so shopping we went. She said she wanted cake, pink frosting and a new dress for Barbie that would match her pink nails!! 

Take a look at our mini celebration and get inspired to celebrate too!

Setting up the party!

barbie valentine party

Little Lady is pretty particular about what she like if you haven’t guessed the common theme let me break it down for you. She is all about the hearts from the straws to the napkins to the cake and the sprinkles to her stamp to her Barbie’s Valentine dress It was all about hearts!!!

valentine party treats with barbie

So I baked treats like a simple heart shaped cake with pink frosting and red whoopie pies. We also had berry punch in cute milk jars with an easy to make fancy paper straw. While I love paper straws with cute prints adding a little flag using washi tape makes them even cuter! Little Lady picked the foil heart washi tape from our local craft store and they turned out amazing!

Don’t forget the utensils and napkins! We also couldn’t forget valentine colored M&Ms

DIY Valentine Cards for kids
valentine stamped cards diy valentine cards

Making the Valentine Cards with Little Lady was super fun. She now at the age where she knows how she wants things and her ideas are pretty awesome. She’s been eyeing these Barbie elastic hair ties for a while so we picked some up and she said she could use them for her valentine card. 

Here is little Lady’s super simple valentine cards

Card-stock rectangles + cute stamps + hair ties

I helped her write a cute message and she stamped them with her own touch. She wrapped the hair tie around the card-stock and bingo done! Not bad for a 5 year old right?

valentine cards with barbie

She was super proud of her cards and asks everyday if she can take them to school yet. 

Time for sweet treats 

cake decorating with barbie valentine
Little Lady put her finishing touches on the cake with heart shaped sprinkles. She kept tellin me how delicious this cake was going to be and how she couldn’t wait for her friends to try it. I had to break the news to her that this cake wasn’t going to make it to her school because Valentine’s day was a few weeks later but I promised her we could taste the treats later that day.

fun times with barbie valentine

And so we did! The whoopie cakes were her favorite! She even shared with Barbie!

happy valentines day

No party is complete without those you love. Little Lady invited Little Man to join the party treats with Barbie and her celebration was a total success!

I know Little Lady will forever remember the sweet celebrations we have. Her first Valentine’s day is already full of love and magic and I can’t wait til she hands out her very own valentine cards.  

Do you make or buy your kids Valentine cards?

How do you make this holiday special with your kids?

Pin our party for Valentine celebration inspiration 

Valentine Card Making party

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