Reyes Magos Mini Dolls

reyes magos mini dolls-wooden


Los Reyes have arrived! Every year I look forward to celebrating the Three Kings because in my family it’s a tradition passed on by people who I love and are no longer living. My grandparents home was the best growing up especially during the holidays and to us el dia de la Virgen, Noche Buena, and el dia de los Reyes Magos have all been just as important. My family is very religious so it’s no question Los Reyes would be as important as Santa to me growing up! Now that I have kiddos of my own I find myself looking for way to keep the magic alive. 

I always celebrate with my kids we do crafts, write letters to Los Reyes, and even surprise them with a little gift. I talk about Los Reyes often and now that I have a 5 and 6 year old they remember. Little Lady searched for the star tonight, she remembered the stories I told her about the kings following the star to find baby Jesus our new born king. I tell them the reason Los Reyes Magos bring us treats also is to always remember how special we are and how we are all a part of the new born king! 

So this past week I decided to treat myself  and dabble in the arts because creativity fuels me! I made Los Reyes Magos a little tribute of my own. I made Reyes Magos Mini Dolls and I was so happy how they turned out I wanted to share a few photos. This is in no way a tutorial because I was in the moment when I took my glue gun in hand and decided to free hand my mini dolls but I did capture some photos. 

Reyes Magos mini wooden dolls-supplies


my supplies were things I had from my previous Three Kings Wooden Magnets.

This included wood glue, mod podge, acrylic paint and brushes, glitter pain, and of course a glue gun! I also added a little square gold hardware to represent gifts. 

Reyes Magos mini wooden dolls-glue gun molding


I glued the round head to the body of each of my wooden mini dolls. Like I said I took the glue gun and did several layers of glue I had an idea already in mind. I wanted beards, hair and crowns. 

Once the glue dried I painted the glue parts white so that my paint can be more vibrant rather than translucent because of the glue texture. It helped keep the paint on but i’ll be honest I had to do several layers of white to make it opaque. 

Reyes Magos mini wooden dolls-painted


Once the paint dried, I painted the face a flesh color, then the beards, hair,  crowns and last the robes.


Reyes Magos mini wooden dolls


I added glitter details, gifts, and dot eyes. I tried to keep mini dolls simple and I loved how they turned out. 


Do you celebrate the Three Kings? How do you celebrate Los Reyes Magos?

Get inspired! Pin my mini dolls for later!

reyes magos mini dolls

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