Black History Month Celebration with GUB

black history month-
It’s officially February!! This means it’s Black History Month Celebration!!! Although the conversations are often in our home about heritage, traditions, and cultural history, We like to share the whys, hows and even discussions during our Black History Month Celebration.  The hubs shares a few words about why it’s important to him to teach our kids about Black History leaders, events, and most importantly real life situations regarding Black History!

As a parent, we try our best to be the first to introduce our kids to the past and present. I find that the hubs makes such a huge impact when it comes to celebrating black history with our family. The story about Rosa Parks is one that had me shocked. Coming from a school system and a different culture where I was a bit underexposed to Black History. I know how important it is when the hubs shares with our family. The hubs opens up about real life events in a way only he could share for us to understand. We hope the way we openly speak and teach our kids inspires you as well.

Stay tuned as we share crafts, resources, discussions, and more videos about Black History this whole month of February! We look forward to opening the discussion and continue to inspire all families to teach their children about Black History.

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Check out our past Black History Celebrations and follow our pinterest board for more ways to celebrate with your kids.

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