Cartoon Network Clarence: Mystery Piñata DVD Cake Celebration

Disclosure: We were sent a copy of Clarence Mystery Piñata DVD
cartoon network Clarence mystery pinata
If you’re kids watch Cartoon Network like mine do then you probably already heard who Clarence is.

Clarence is an optimistic, spirited, lovable boy who sees the best in all things and wants to try everything. Because everything is amazing!

This silly kid has become quite the favorite in our home even the hubs and I find ourselves chuckling at his words of wisdom or lack there of.

Clarence: Mystery Piñata DVD is available now! With 12 must see episodes including our favorite Slumber Party where Clarence shows us how we really should be sharing gummy worms with our friends. Trust us, it’s a must see!

Episodes on the 132minute DVD include

  1. Fun Dungeon Face Off
  2. Pretty Great Day with a Girl
  3. Lost in the Supermarket
  4. Clarence’s Millions
  5. Jeff’s New Toy
  6. Zoo
  7. Rise ‘n’ Shine
  8. Average Jeff
  9. Slumber Party
  10. Dream Boat
  11. Too Gross for Comfort
  12. Neighborhood Grill

Clarence is popular among kids ages 6-14 and those that enjoy Steven Universe!


how to cartoon network clarence cake

To celebrate the release of Clarence DVD I made the kids a Clarence inspired cake with gummy worms and all!

how to make a clarence cake

To make a Clarence cake you will need a heart shaped cake, Peachy pink frosting (mix a little red and yellow food coloring into white frosting mix until you get the perfect Clarence shade), 2 eyes and 2 teeth (I used wax paper and melted white chocolate to make my eyes and teeth then add a little black gel for pupils) black gel, brown or coconut pecan frosting for his hair, and last but not least gummy worms!!!

making a cartoon network clarence cake

Frost your heart shaped cake. Add some hair. Remember, Clarence has a scalloped edge haircut so make sure you capture that when spreading the frosting.

plain cartoon network clarence cake

Add your eyes, draw your nose and mouth and don’t forget the teeth!

It’s that simple! Now let’s cut the cake and watch some Clarence!!!!

Be sure to pick up Clarence: Mystery Piñata! The DVD is available for $14.97 starting 2/10 

Visit for more Clarence 

Do you have a favorite Clarence episode? Let us know!

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clarence cake

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