Chinese New Year: DIY Sheep and Ram Sock Plushies

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Last year I introduced the kids to Chinese New Year celebrations. This year we will learn a little more about the celebration by having a story time. Since my kids love stuffed animals I decided to learn to hand sew them their very own sock plushies for our celebration.

Chinese New Year 2015 is the year of the Sheep/Ram. So what better than two little sock plushies to accompany my kiddos story time for some cultural learning and celebration.

Watch me make the kids sock plushies in this quick tutorial. 

A huge thank you to BudgetHobby for inspiring me to learn to make my kids plushies with her quick Basic Hand Stitches video

To Make a Sock Plushie You Will Need

chinese new year 2015-diy plushie supplies from walmart

Check out your local Walmart for all the supplies to start your very own sewing kit!

You will need:

  • White Cozy socks- 1 long one or 2 short ankle socks(don’t worry if they have the grips you can flip the sock inside out) 
  • Poly Fiber
  • embroidery thread – in brown or white
  • sewing needle
  • scissors
  • pin needles
  • Beige or Brown felt

Simple sewing steps to make sock plushies

sock plushie- sock body sock plushie- stuff body

1-Stuff the sock with a handful of poly fiber. Cut once you make a round body

2-Close the body using a running stitch

3-Using felt cut a rectangle the size of your body side. This will be the head shape

4-Trim the edges to make a round oval felt and secure it on your sock plushie using a ladder  stitch

5-Cut out another rectangle of felt this time fold it in half and cut out a rounded triangle this will make 2 ears.

6-Cut the heel portion of the cozy sock that remained from the body and cut it in half your felt ears should fit onto the cozy sock.

7-Trim off a small rectangle portion from each ear cozy sock to make a tail later

8-Stitch the ear felt to the cozy sock with a back stitch. Trim the excess fabric of cozy sock. Flip them inside out

9-Secure onto your sock plushie using a ladder stitch.

10-Fold the remainder of the sock or use another sock in the same fabric to cut our 4 identical circles the size of the inside of your palm.

11-For each circle, create a foot using a running stitch.

sock plushie- sheep and ramchinese new year 2015-ram

12-Before closing your running stitch fill with the same amount of poly fiber on each foot.

13-Attach all feet using a ladder stitch.

14-Make the tail with 2 small rectangles. Using the back stitch to secure both layers of cozy sock together

15-Flip it inside out once sewn on 3 of the 4 sides and attach to the plushies back using the ladder stitch

16-Use an embroidery stitch to make the face of your plushie.

17-Use a disapearing ink marker to make your face before you stitch.

18-This completes the sheep plushie

19-To make the ram simply cut 2 long (4-5inches long by 1.5-2inches wide)pieces of felt

20-Fold in 3rds , secure with pins and run a ladder stitch to secure felt.

21-Roll the felt to make a cinnamon roll and run a quick ladder stitch to keep its shape.

22-Attach above the ears to your plushie using a ladder stitch.

chinese new year 2015-sheep
Find great kids books to celebrate and learn about Chinese new year with your family available at

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chinese new year 2015-diy ram plushie
Will you be celebrating Chinese New Year?

We’d love to hear your traditions!
happy chinese new year
I can’t wait to celebrate with the kiddos and give them their very own sock plushies on February 19th!

Happy New Year!!!

Be sure to pin our sock plushies for later

sheep and ram sock plushies for chinese new year

walmart disclosure

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