Family Rituals with Lubriderm for Healthy Skin #FamiliaFirst

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Family Rituals with Lubriderm for Healthy Skin

It wasn’t so long ago, the hubs and I struggled to find the kiddos a good moisturizer for healthy skin. Both kids suffered from heat rashes, dry patches and mild eczema as babies. As they got older, their skin wasn’t as sensitive. We were able to control flares and soon the whole family was on to daily rituals for moisturized healthy skin. 

Our family rituals vary from morning and night. We prepare the night before for a successful day in the A.M. I learned quick that our family needed these rituals not only for healthy skin but for a smooth sailing day and good nights rest.

Our night ritual starts after dinner and prepares us for the morning. 

  1. We take a bath sometimes with oatmeal for our eczema.
  2. I still massage the kiddos with moisturizer right after showers. I use LUBRIDERM® Daily Moisture Shea+Calming Lavender because the scent is familiar for the kiddos. The scent of Lavender has been helping the kids relax, feel comfortable and at east as we prepare for bed.
  3. PJs are followed with brushing hair and teeth
  4. We get school clothes ready for the next day and 
  5. We tuck in kiddos for bed and end it with a Bed time story with mom/dad

Family Rituals with Lubriderm for Healthy Skin-MOISTURIZING

Our night ritual is not only important to keep the kids on track but it allows me to slow down with them and ensures we don’t miss something that essentially helps keep them happy, healthy and safe.

In the morning things are start off slow. Dad usually kicks off the day for us with a 7AM wake up call.  After waking up our morning ritual goes as followed:

  1. Get dressed for the day from the clothes put out the night before
  2. We get the kids breakfast and as they eat Breakfast I make school lunch
  3. Kids Fix hair + brush teeth and  apply LUBRIDERM® Daily Moisture Lotion to our face, hands, legs, and arms, 
  4. Grab backpack +coat and head out the door to catch the bus!

The hubs and I aren’t on such a strict routine as the kids but we have our own rituals.  We enjoy LUBRIDERM® Daily Moisture Shea+Enriching Cocoa Butter. As parents, we know how important it is for us to take care of ourselves and be an example to our kids. The consistency in both our routines will always be hygiene and keeping ourselves happy and healthy after-all it’s always familia first!

What is your family’s daily moisturizing ritual for healthy skin?

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