SG and Barbie: Discovering Super Powers with Kids #BeSuper

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discovering super powers with barbie
Ever since being a part of The Barbie Project, creative play with Barbie has been one of little lady and I’s favorite way of spending time together. Our most recent mommy and me time was spent discovering our Super Powers and mom and daughter!

We talked about it for a few days. Then one day I figured it out. I asked her “What if your super power was fighting the scary monsters in the dark?” She looked at me a little frighten. I said you can wear a mask, a cape and even have a fun accessory to help you with your super power!

So I made her an imagination map to help us get thoughts together to figure out our Super Power!

what is your super power
You see Little Lady is afraid of the dark and she’s always asking us to check her room for scary monsters. Now she can battle them with her own imagination super powers. She’s strong and she wants to help others little does she know this is also helping her cope with the fear of the dark. Her super power is a combination of things she already is and wants to do can you guess what her super power is?

We started talking about our super cape! We knew it had to be glow in the dark and we knew stars were a must so here is what we came up with

DIY Super Hero Cape:
discovering super powers - making a cape

Whatever your super power is we recommend the following to make your super cape:

be super- super power imagination printable


Download your own super power imagination map and Mom don’t forget to pick your own super hero name and powers!


Decorating Cape:
discovering super powers - puffy paint name

We free handed our initials using puffy paint and traced them a few times using little lady’s color of choice yellow and orange.

discovering super powers - puffy paint decorations

We added dots and glitter falling star dots to decorate our letters. 

discovering super powers - glow in the dark stars

Using a plastic stencil in the star shape. I held it down while little lady filled with glitter glue. You can also free hand these if you’d like but we wanted our stars to be perfect. 

We added 6 stars  to the bottom of our cape.
mommy and me project

I then traced them with glow in the dark puffy paint so we can see them at night.

discovering super powers - glow in the dark cape

We left our decorated cape out to dry over night. In the morning it was nice and dry.

discovering super powers - glow in the dark wrists

Don’t forget to decorate your wristlets  and mask too! We used glow in the dark white puffy paint with a little circle of pink to accent.

glow in the dark details

We added cute stars on the side of her mask too. The cape, wristlets and mask came out amazing!

SG and Barbie to the rescue

Little Lady loved how her cape turned out. She said “Mama, Barbie and me are ready for the night”

barbie and me besuper

We hope this inspires you and your kids to find their super power!

Can you guess what Little Lady’s Super Power’s do?

super powers with barbie-star glow is little lady GUBlife

Stay tuned next time when we share what little lady’s super power mighty accessory is!!!

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