Annie Inspired Easter: Family Movie Night and DIY Snack

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post as a participant in the Walmart Moms Program.annie inspired easter and diy snack
Spending quality time with the family is pretty important to us. We try to create some family fun as often as possible. My family loved movie night and we make it a point to create special memories with movie inspired treats, dinners, and even crafts! With Easter coming up we wanted to make our movie night a fun one!

Family Fun with Annie Sing-Along Movie Night

annie the movie inspired easter basket
Annie is available on DVD now and Walmart is offering an exclusive Blu-Ray and DVD gift set that includes a Sandy pup plush! I knew my kids would love it so I made sure to set up a cute Annie Inspired Easter Basket for the family!

Easter Basket item ideas to include:

Don’t forget a cute basket and easter paper grass

We also had Annie printable song lyricsto sing-along with! Download coloring sheets and other great printables for your family movie night here

Annie Inspired Movie Snack:

“The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow” DingDong Pops

Family Movie Night with Annie the movie

I’m all about semi-homemade so these Annie inspired pops are perfect for making a family movie night extra special for the family!

making dingdong pops - ingredients

Here is what you need to make these pops:

  • Wilton yellow candy melts
  • Wilton sprinkles
  • Ding Dongs
  • Wilton mini icing for peeps
  • Wilton paper pop sticks
  • Writing gel in black and clear

Find all your ingredients in the Easter seasonal department at your local Walmart and the DingDongs in the snacks department in grocery!

Let’s make DingDong pops!

making dingdong pops decorate a sun pop

  1. Melt chocolate. We recommend putting a pot of water to boil and setting a stainless steal mixing bowl over it. Once water boils turn heat off and place your chocolate into the mixing bowl and mix until it melts smoothly.
  2. Add pop sticks to your DingDongs and dip into melted yellow chocolate. TIP: work fast because Ding Dongs chocolate covering will begin to melt.
  3. Place on a cooling rack with parchment paper under to allow it to catch the chocolate.
  4. Once chocolate cools and melts, With writing gel make sun rays and cover in yellow sprinkles
  5. Attach mini icing eyes with gel and draw on a smile

Your family will truly enjoy these for Family movie night!

What are you favorite Family Movie Night activities? Do you do movie themed nights?

Be sure to pin our Annie inspired Movie Night to your family fun board!

annie inspired movie night annie inspired family movie night

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