Celebrating Mixed Heritage Week- Mixed American Tee

gub celebrates mixed heritage-

It’s officially Mixed Heritage Week! Every year we’ve voiced the need to bring awareness to how diverse our country has become. We know the importance of teaching our children positive identity and always aim to bring parents like us tips on teaching kids about their heritage.

This year we want to bring awareness to our combined heritage the need to express ourselves as Mixed Americans. 

It wasn’t until late last year over a conversation with the hubs, that I realized we failed to teach our kids they are American. We talk about being Blackxican, my roots from Mexico and growing up Mexican-American  and now the hubs building his family tree with his mom. These are all pieces to the puzzle that allow my children to explore and discover their heritage! But we never spoke about us here in America. I guess it felt obvious but the more I taught my kids about who we are, who they are and where we come from, I needed them to know that our country our America is Mixed therefore many of our family and friends are Mixed Americans. 

I hope you join us in the conversation in spreading positive awareness and be proud of your mixed roots!

The GUBfamily is proud to release the official

Mixed American Tee in honor of Mixed Heritage Week! 



Reserve a Mixed American Tee

We are offering Adult tees and Kid tees for a limited time!

adult tee is $17 kid tee is $16 

Mixed American Tee available now thru 3/16 and are shipped by April 1st

Help us meet our goal (35 tees) Spread the word on our tee! 

Celebrate Mixed Heritage Reserve your tee http://teespring.com/mixed-american-tee Click To Tweet

We hope you join in the celebration! Stay tuned for what’s to come on Mixed Heritage Week!


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