DIY with Barbie: Glow Stick Guard #besuper

Disclosure: This is a Sponsored post in collaboration with Barbie.

diy with barbie and star glow

Ever since Little Lady and Barbie made their super hero debut it’s been an adventure in our home. We went from fighting scary monsters during bedtime to looking for them all around the house in dark places. When Little Lady plays with Barbie I hear a different voice, a confident silly adventurous voice. It’s simple how a DIY with Barbie got us to be creative and be super! And now, You can too!

But before we got to this happy confident place,we had a super hero power to discover and a cape to accessorize. We did just that when we used our imaginations and discovered our mom and daughter powersand soon the cape was decorated and we were on our way to a great adventure.

Now I can share what little tool or Super Hero Accessory has helped Little Lady reach a full confident super hero attitude during playtime with Barbie.

Introducing the super awesome Glow Stick Guard for Bedtime Safety

diy with barbie Glow Stick Guard for Bedtime Safety

This super hero accessory allows little lady to help protect all her Barbie Dolls and stuff animals during the dark nights before bedtime and also has helped us find creepy crawlers that are friends with the night. She’s been looking everywhere for things to fight in the night.

What you need to make Glow Stick Guard for Bedtime Safety

make a glow stick guard with barbie

  • mini flashlight
  • a piece of foam floaty /pool noodle
  • decorative Duck tapes in 2 colors
  • a glow in the dark tape by Duck tape
  • scissors

flash light glow stick guarddecorative tape for diy with barbie

To make your Glow Stick Guard follow these steps:

  1. with scissors, cut the length of your flashlight plus 4inches of the pool noodle
  2. then with the scissors also cut the inside of the pool noodle so your flashlight can fit in snug
  3. slip the flashlight in and it should fit secure without slipping out
  4. using duck tape decorate your pool noodle with the decorative tape make patterns or designs
  5. lastly, place 2 glow in the dark tape strips and each to ensure visibility when holding!

glow stick guard with barbie and star glow

Your Glow Stick Guard should look similar to the one above. It’s ready to be put to good use!

Fight the night with Star Glow and Barbie

be super barbie and little lady

Little Lady says you can find scary stuff everywhere! Look on leaves of trees and inside the pantry. “We gotta find the bad creepy crawlers and monsters of the night” So go on an adventure all over your home and imagine the things you can find! But never forget to be brave and always bring a friend! Little Lady takes Barbie with her to #BeSuper and you can too!

What is your super hero accessory? Will you make a Glow Stick Guard?

adventures with be super barbie- glow stick with barbie

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