Kid-Friendly Snacks- Easter Bunny Pudding Garden with Snack Packs

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easter bunny pudding garden with snack packs
Easter is just around the corner and my kids are so excited. I like to make kid-friendly foods and crafts during the holidays especially when cute bunnies are included so making kid-friendly snacks was a must with bunnies! I was invited to get creative with a cup of delicious Snack Pack puddings. See how easy it is for kids to have fun and make a delicious Easter Snack this holiday!

Ingredients to make your own Easter Bunny Pudding Gardens

easter bunny pudding garden ingredients
Head on over to Walmart to purchase all your ingredients. Find ConAgra Snack Pack pudding cups in the Snacks, Cookies and Chips aisle or purchase Snack Pack Pudding cups online at You will Snack Pack pudding cups in Vanilla and Chocolate,  Nilla Wafer Cookies, green food coloring,  jelly beans and Marshmallow Bunnies!

Easter Bunny Pudding Gardens with Snack Pack Pudding Cups
A kid-friendly Easter Snack using Snack Pack Pudding Cups
  1. Snack Pack Pudding cups in Vanilla and Chocolate
  2. Nilla Wafer Cookies
  3. Green Food Coloring
  4. Bunny Peeps
  5. Jelly Beans
  1. Add 10-15 Nilla Wafer Cookies in a bag and break cookies to crumbs
  2. Add 3-5 drops of green food coloring into a vanilla Snack Pack
  3. Mix in a couple spoonfuls of Nilla Wafer Cookie crumbs
  4. Remove about half the pudding from a Chocolate Snack Pack(to make room for green vanilla grass just made)
  5. Allow kids to grass pudding into Snack Pack Chocolate cups
  6. Add bunnies and jelly beans
  7. and you're ready to eat
  1. Don't assemble until you are ready to eat. Marshmallows will get soft if they sit in pudding too long.

How to make Easter Bunny Pudding Gardens

Aren’t those the cutest! They are easy to assemble and perfect for little hands. Remember to layer directly in the cup for easy clean up and easy eating. Chocolate pudding for dirt, Green pudding with cookie crumbs for grass, and bunnies and jelly bean eggs for your garden equal a super cute Easter snack! Make these at your next Easter celebration gathering or just for fun with the kids!

kids making easter snacks


Little Man and Little Lady had such a great time assembling and snacking on these pudding cups and it was a great way for us to remember our celebration! 

We hope you make these with your kids too! Get creative and create your own Mixins in a Snack Pack pudding cup or visit for more ideas!


What are your kid’s favorite Kid-friendly Snacks for the holidays like Easter?

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easter bunny gardens pudding cups


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