Daddy Do with Johnson’s No More Tangles

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post in collaboration with Johnson’s No More TanglesDaddy do with johnsons no more tangles
I consider myself one of the lucky ones. The hubs is pretty awesome with the kiddos and has been hands-on with them since I released them from my belly. I never questioned his ability he’s pretty confident in the things he does with the kiddos. This is why when I was asked to put the hubs to the Daddy Do challenge I knew Little Lady and him would have a great time!

First things first! A daddy do isn’t possible without first having clean manageable hair. We used Johnson’s No More Tangles products as we’ve done before because they work great on little lady’s hair and help us with her curls!

Dad made sure to read all the labels just to make sure this stuff was up to his standards. Are the men in your life like this? His motto: “nothing but the best for my babies” Can you tell this dad is over protective where it counts?

Dad followed our washing routine with the help of little lady!

Step 1: Cleanse by using the shampoo
daddy do with no more tangles- shampoo for curly hair

We use the shampoo for thick and curly hair because that is exactly what little lady has. It lathers nice and finishes off nice and clean! Dad made sure to wash it thoroughly. He asked we were going to condition little lady’s hair too and little lady replied “that’s step 2 dad after bath time!

Step 2: Nourish with the leave in
daddy do with no more tangles- leave in conditioner

I love that the leave in conditioner is not sticky and doesn’t leave a residue. It’s great for Little Lady’s curls and this was by far dad’s favorite product because he went a little over board. He asked if this was for all types of hair I think he was hinting at maybe using the leave in too!

Step 3: Style with the detangling spray
daddy do with no more tangles- detangling spray

Dad liked the way the spray smelled. He used it to detangle and last little knots in little lady’s hair before putting into what the hubs and little lady call “the princess bun”

Daddy Do: The Princess Bun
daddy do with no more tangles- princess bun

Using a hair tie twist hair in hair tie twice before bringing it in half way. It should look like a half bun half pony. Spread out the bun to make it look fuller. Pull the bottom curls to make them a little longer and fuller too.
daddy do with no more tangles- bow

Add a beautiful bow to the top of the bun and done! Ya daddy’s do is very easy and great for all hair types especially curly- or so he says!

daddy do with no more tangles
The best part about sitting back watching the hubs interact with little lady was seeing how they both enjoyed their time together. As a mom who travels often it’s nice to know that the my girl is happy and isn’t out looking crazy when I’m not around.

I say this was a successful challenge Great job hubs!!!!

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