Honoring My Mother: My Mother’s Love is One of a Kind #PutYourHeartToPaper

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my mother's love is one of a kind

This Mother’s Day I choose to honor my mother by putting my heart to paper. It’s not easy living miles away from my mom especially when holidays that are to celebrate her come around. My mom is an amazing woman and every day I get to talk to her I end our conversation with I love you. But If I couldn’t use the words “I love you,” “I appreciate you,” or “thank you” I’d honor my mother with actions.  It’s not easy to fill her shoes but I know honoring my mother by helping our community and teaching my kids the same way she taught me would mean the world to her. 

You see my mother is an advocate for children literacy and she’s worked all her life, not only supporting our education, but also the education of the families in our community. I still remember the day she sat outside of our apartment complex. After working tireless hours. She felt the need to gather children at the playground along with my young brothers to have story time. After libraries closed down she continued to work to get books in the hands of children and their families. The love my mother had for books was one of a kind because in the end she knew that books could be so much more for children in our community! 

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I want her to know that her work hasn’t just meant the world to our community but it’s touched me personally. She instilled in me the selflessness to give to others and be the seed children need to love books. I will forever be grateful for the opportunities she gave me to volunteer as a teen in reading centers and after school programs. Her work and dedication to others is the legacy she leaves behind. 

For now my mother’s day gift will be a signed letter to my mother and a charitable donation to her beloved project “The Reading Corner”

Mom, I know you read my blog.  Today I honor you. You are the inspiration behind my hard work and dedication. You have taught me that if you put your mind to it, it can be done. Your selflessness is by far the greatest quality you have shown us, your children. May you Mother’s day be memorable and may you always know what you mean to me.  Todo cambia menos el amor de una madre. Por que Tu Amor es Unico. -Ruby

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How will you #PutYourHeartToPaper this Mother’s day?

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