Kids and Cell phones: My 5 year old wants to call her friend

can i call my friend

Little Lady came home last week with this piece of paper. She was excited and then she asked “Can I call my friend? She gave me her number…” She waited for my response. 

I should share she is currently learning about her private but important information in school. You know address, parents names, and of course phone numbers. 

She waited patiently for my response after flashing her bright colored phone number. I asked her who gave her the number, who wrote it down and kindly explained to her the following.

Phone numbers are private information for emergencies. When you get older you can have a chance to talk to friends. Right now playdates are to be arranged by us parents. I’m happy to call your friend’s parents to invite them over so you can play and talk in person. 

She took it well… I on the other hand was sweating bullets. Is this a thing? Kids talking on the phone at 5 years old???? I mean I never thought kids and cell phones would be a conversation I’d be having this early with the kids or the hubs.

kids exchanging phone numbers
I get it though! All the kids are excited about learning their phone numbers. But really, we need to share that they are not only private but save for emergencies when we are 5 years old. While I think it’s cute that they are so excited that they are passing their numbers out to their friends. I am also worried at who is going to get other information out of our kids. Little Lady has been warned about who to share our number or any other private information with but this isn’t stopping her from taking a number to call a friend. 

She must have got confused about the wearable tech we’ve been checking out for them. I’ve had to explain the reasons behind the wearable watches and why they are able to contact us but no one else.

I can’t wait to share more about the wearable tech as I strive to stay connected with our kids while teaching them about phone safety. 

What are your thoughts?

What is an appropriate age for kids to call each other on the phone?

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