Family Friendly TV on Netflix #SummerWatchathon

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Family Friendly TV on Netflix
The kids are officially out of school and our summer has just begun. Last night we all stayed up a little late. We were looking for something family friendly to watch on tv but it was past 9pm on a Friday night and there was nothing! Everything was either reality tv with stuff a little too explicit for kids under 6 or just plain boring not keeping any of us interested. What happened to nights when TGIF was on with cool shows we all looked forward to?

We turned to Netflix and ended up picking a movie we all agreed on. I was pretty disappointed that we don’t have more shows we can all enjoy. Remember gladiators that was a cool show back in the days. I remember my whole family watching it and cheering on their favorite duo!

I recently read about Netflix picking up Full House. I loved that show growing up! It’s now being rebooted as Fuller House. I’m hoping it still has that good family friendly vibe. But I really hope it’s worth watching. Just last year I anticipated the return of Boy Meets World, another favorite of mine growing up, as Girl Meets World. Sadly, I just couldn’t get into it. My kids couldn’t either. My daughter however has watched old episodes of Full House and liked it so I’m holding on to hope. 

But really, What happened to TGIF ? What happened to tv shows that were ok for the whole family. I mean don’t get me wrong! I love the reality tv and the adult type shows but when the kids are around staying up late on a Friday night I want more than just a 2hour movie to pick from. 

If Full House does make it I have a list of tv shows i’d like to see do a come back:

  • Family Matters
  • Sister Sister
  • Sabrina te Teenage Witch
  • Step by Step
  • Saved by the Bell

I’m sure you can think of more right?

What are your favorite shows to watch as a family?

What shows would you like to see make a come back?

Let us know we’d love to see what you’re watching too!

Here’s a list of tv shows we watch as a family:

  • Fresh off the boat
  • Bob’s Burger
  • Teen Titans Go! 
  • Clarence
  • Adventure Time

Most of the stuff we watch on Netflix just ends up being a movie. I’d love to see more family TV shows on Nextflix because as you can see most of our favorites are cartoons so help us out! 

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