5 Reasons to Watch The Minions #SUMMERWATCHATHON

Disclosure: This a post written by me sponsored by Acorn Influence5 reasons to watch the minionsWe’ve been taking advantage of the Discount day at our local theater. The kids enjoy going to the theater bright and early and we enjoy being able to afford a day out as a family. Our latest movie was The Minions. I wasn’t a fan of Despicable Me but the kids wanted to watch it and se we went. 

I was surprised at how fun the movie was. I didn’t think these little yellow blabbers would bring me much joy but they did. The kids were attentive the whole time and the hubs and I kept glancing at each other when we found things funny.

Here are 5 reasons to watch The Minions

  1. The Music- I was surprised at how up beat, fun and funny the music was. Not to mention, if you’re a fan of The Beatles and The Monkees you might get a smile while you watch. 
  2. The blabber- This was my favorite part The Minions speak Spanish and some other gibberish. I was able to understand so much. Sadly since the hubs doesn’t speak Spanish he missed out but hey it was a good laugh! Or maybe I just speak Minion. 
  3. You find out where The Minions traveled from- Yes we finally learn where these yellow creatures come from and honestly it was pretty cool to see them thru history!
  4. Lots of laughs- The movie was not only interesting but so funny. It was great for adults and kids.
  5. And finally- because it’s either The Minions or Inside Out  Ya ,unless your theater is having a special Summer Watch-athon of kid/family friendly movies, We only have 2 choices!

So how does that make you feel. Since we have discount days our theater offers other special films thru the months but really who wants to watch something old on screen. My kids look forward to family movie day and we can only watch family friendly movies. Our options have to change we need more!

Let us know if you’ve watched either Inside Out or The Minions. I’d love to hear what your thoughts were



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