5 of my Favorite Things – A Barbie Inspired Vlog

Have you heard Barbie is vlogging! Ya, when we first found out both Little Lady and I were so excited.  As you may know we love partnering with Barbie! But this is all Little Lady’s Idea. No sponsored blog post here! Once she saw the first vlog she was so inspired, Barbie Inspired!!! She had been asking if she can do her own video. Since she loves watching videos via Youtube Kids, she’s pretty well rehearsed when it comes to making videos! I couldn’t say no and so we sat in her room this time I was behind the camera as she shined and shared all of her favorite things!

She talked to me about what she wanted to share, where she’d sit, how we should add numbers to the edits and even funny bloopers. “mom funny voices are cool” I’m telling you she knows what she wants and knows what she’s doing!

My favorite part of the vlog is hearing her say “I love vlogging just like you Barbie” She’s really speaking to Barbie! So hey Barbie This one is for you!

 Hey Barbie, This one is for you!

As a mom to a little girl who is so into creating her own things  and being a part of the online world, I am happy to see my kid be so  inspire to do new great things. I love the imagination sparked by watching Barbie’s vlogs and other videos. Little Lady shows me how to continue to fear nothing and to work hard.

Even during filming she stopped and tried again and again. She never once gave up and always was silly and kept it fun even when things didn’t come out the way she planned. Little Lady is pretty awesome when it comes to video because she speaks from the heart and she loves what she shares! Here’s to more videos of my girl!

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