Adventure Time Mini LSP Cake

adventure time- mini LSP cake
We were sent a Blu-ray copy of Adventure Time’s 5th Season! We are huge Cartoon Network fans and of course Adventure Time is on our top 5! We were so excited to receive the newly released Dvd + Blu-ray.

I surprised the kids with mini LSP cakes from leftover batter from early in the day. If you know us we always have baked goods on hand and cupcakes and cakes are a favorite!

So we celebrated with a beautiful little LSP cake perfect for all Adventure Time fans just like our family!

Make a Mini LSP Cake

adventure time- LSP
Making a mini LSP cake is easy

You need:

  • mini round cake pan or cupcake to bake any cake of your choice
  • Purple frosting
  • black gel for eyes and mouth
  • purple get for outline
  • and gold gel for her star!

Ya that easy!

  1. Bake your mini cake or cupcake
  2. Frost all over with purple frosting
  3. Do a cloud like shape using purple gel
  4. add the start with the gold gel
  5. add a face with the black gel

Remember LSP makes the coolest faces and she’s all about attitude! Have fun with it!

Can you find the snail?

The kids love looking for the snail in every episode so sometimes we like to watch episodes over and over until we find the snail.Talk about cool modern family time!

AT Snail gif 04 AT Snail gif 05ATSF Snail 03

Pick up Adventure Time DVD today!

adventure time- dvd and blu ray

The 5th season DVD of Adventure Time features 52 episodes including an Exclusive Behind the Scenes Featurette.

Episodes in DVD:

1. Finn the Human       2. Jake the Dog                  3. Five More Short Graybles

4. Up a Tree                 5. All the Little People       6. Jake the Dad

7. Davey                       8. Mystery Dungeon          9. All Your Fault

10. Little Dude             11. Bad Little Boy               12. Vault of Bones

13. The Great Bird Man  14. Simon and Marcy      15. A Glitch Is a Glitch

16. Puhoy                      17. BMO Lost                      18. Princess Potluck

19. James Baxter the Horse  20. Shh!                        21. The Suitor

22. The Party’s Over, Isla de Señorita                        23. One Last Job

24. Another Five More Short Graybles                      25. Candy Streets

26. Wizards Only, Fools    27. Jake Suit                   28. Be More

29. Sky Witch               30. Frost & Fire                    31. Too Old32. Earth & Water          33. Time Sandwich           34. The Vault

35. Love Games            36. Dungeon Train            37. The Box Prince

38. Red Starved             39. We Fixed a Truck         40. Play Date

41. The Pit                    42. James                              43. Root Beer Guy

44. Apple Wedding       45. Blade of Grass             46. Rattleballs

47. The Red Throne     48. Betty                               49. Bad Timing

50. Lemonhope (1)      51. Lemonhope (2)              52. Billy’s Bucket List

Pick up it up today and don’t forget to pick up all the things you need to make our Mini LSP Cake!




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